What is SPARK!?

SPARK! is an annual juried art show and competition for Ajax children from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. We encourage all types of art media, including pen, pencil, paint, crayon, pastels, markers, or any combination of these.

Download an entry form or pick one up at any branch.

Important Dates:

Artwork drop-off at Main Branch: Wednesday, February 21, 5–8:30 p.m. or Saturday, February 24, 9 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Art on Display at Main Branch: Saturday, March 2–Sunday, March 24
Art Show and Reception: Sunday, March 24, 1–2:30 p.m. at Main Branch

Ajax Public Library would like to give a special thank you to the PineRidge Arts Council for their continued support of the SPARK! Art Show and Contest.


2023 SPARK! Art Show Winners:

JK  Grade 3
1. Ayushi R., Grade 3, “Environment,” medium: paint, marker and pencil.
2. Finnigan D., Grade 1, “I Love Sushi,” medium: marker and collage.
3. Seraphina M., Grade 2, “Midnight Moon,” medium: acrylic paint.
4. Isla V., Junior Kindergarten, “Hamsey Hampster,” medium: watercolour.

Grades 4  6
1. Ayana K., Grade 6, “Beauty and the Bird”, medium: graphite.
2. Irene G., Grade 5, “Sunset Paradise,” medium: oil pastel.
3. Alexa K., Grade 4, “Oz”, medium: pencil crayon, paint, markers, crayon, pencil.
4. Grace T., Grade 6, “Moonlight on Water,” medium: oil pastel.

Grades 7 8
1. Danielle W., Grade 7, “Fresh Out of School,” medium: watercolour, pencil crayon.
2. Kanisha P., Grade 8, “Save Our Oceans!”, medium: acrylic, pencil, paint markers, graphite.
3. Chloe D., Grade 7, “Bean Pole,” medium: pencil and graphite.

Juror’s Choice Awards
JK – Grade 3: Simon- Parker S., Grade 3, “View from a Far Planet,” medium: markers, paint, paint markers, pastel.
Grades 4 – 6: Johnny H., Grade 4, “Food Resort Island,” medium: markers and paint.
Grades 7 – 8: Anushga T., Grade 7, “Scent of Spring,” medium: pastels, pencil crayons.

People's Choice Award
Marisa T., Grade 4, "Peaceful Sunset," watercolour and acrylic paint.


Presented in partnership with the PineRidge Arts Council.