What happens if items I borrow are overdue?

  • Ajax Public Library went overdue fine free in November 2020! Learn more about our decision to go fine-free
  • Overdue items can be renewed online, via our mobile app, or by calling the Library. Most items can be renewed as many times as needed, provided no other Library customers have the item(s) on hold. 
  • Items more than 21 days overdue are considered lost; replacement costs for lost items are applied to Library accounts. 
  • If you have have more than $50 owing on your Library account, you will no longer be able to borrow items or use your Library card until that amount is reduced or items are returned. 

How do I know if items I have borrowed are overdue?

  • Item due dates are available on your checkout receipt, or you can log in to your Library account online to see due dates. 
  • The Library can provide a courtesy notice via email or text two (2) days before items are overdue. Contact us to add this to your account!
  • Overdue notifications are sent by phone, email, or SMS (text message).
    • First notice: 10 days after the initial due date;
    • Second notice: 14 days after the initial due date;
    • Third notice: 21 days after the initial due date. 

My items are showing as overdue, but I think I returned them. 

  • If items are appearing on your account that you believe you have returned, you can ask to initiate a Claims Return process. Over the next seven (7) days, staff will search each Library branch three (3) times to try and locate your item(s). We will contact you after seven (7) days; found items will be removed from your account. Items not found will deemed lost, and replacement costs may apply.

I've paid for a lost item, but have since found it. Can I get a refund?

  • The Library will refund the cost of a lost item if it is returned within three (3) months of the date the item was paid for, and the item is returned in good condition.

Materials Recovery Process

  • Materials Recovery is a process that uses the help of a recovery agency, Unique Management Services (UMS).
  • Library accounts with a balance of $100 or more, or with items overdue by 30 days or more are referred to UMS.
  • The Library does this in an effort to return long-lost items to the Library collection for other customers to borrow.
  • Unique Management Services will attempt to come to a resolution with Library customers.
  • A $15 non-refundable administration fee is added to all Library accounts referred to UMS.
  • The timeline for contacts is:
Days Past Initial Due Date Steps Taken 
30 Days When accounts with charges of $100 or more are referred to UMS.
60 Days First letter sent.
81 - 88 Days Initial phone call(s) made.
102 Days Second letter sent.
125 - 139 Days Final phone call(s) made.
150 Days Final letter sent.
180 Days Credit reporting initiated.