Main Branch Mutebox Collab with active seating.
Main Branch Mutebox Collab with bench seating.
Main Branch Mutebox Solo.

The Library offers spaces to work or study in each branch, including bookable study spaces in Main and Audley branches. The below areas are free for use; see our Room Rentals page for other options, which have a fee associated and have other use policies and guidelines in place. 

General Library Spaces

These spaces are available to our customers on a first-come, first-served basis. The spaces cannot be booked in advance. As with all Library spaces, we ask that you respect others use of the space. 

Main Branch: Quiet Study Room
This is a shared space where up to eight (8) individuals can work silently. When using this space, customers are asked to ensure all devices not connected to headphones/earbuds are muted, and calls or meetings are taken in another location. Headphone/earbud volume should be kept at a level that cannot be heard by others. 

All Branches: General Library Spaces
Each branch has a variety of tables, chairs, and desks where customers are encouraged to use the spaces in a way that meets their needs. Unless otherwise denoted by Library-signage, tables and desks throughout the Library are available for use by any customer. Please be respectful of others use of the space, and aware of the general use of the area where you are working. For example, the second floor of Main Branch is typically quieter, while the Children's Area is intended for play and interaction. Conversations at regular speaking volume are welcome throughout the Library's general spaces, but headphones or earbuds should be used when possible. 

Bookable Study Rooms

Study Rooms at Audley and Main Branches can be booked up to seven (7) days in advance, by contacting the Library via phone, email, or speaking with a Library staff member in branch. For each of the spaces below, the following Space Use Guidelines are in place.

  • One (1) booking per customer, per day.
  • Two (2) hour time limit for use.
  • Check-in with Library staff upon arrival.
  • Rooms are held for 15 minutes past the start time of the booking.
  • Customers must leave the Study Room promptly at the end of their reservation period.
  • Please leave the spaces clean for the next customer.
  • Belongings are not monitored in these spaces; leave items unsupervised at your own risk. 
  • Use of rooms can be denied if Study Room and/or Acceptable Behaviour policies are violated. 

Audley Branch: Study Rooms A-D
These four (4) bookable rooms can hold up to six (6) people each, and include dry erase walls for collaboration, as well as two (2) rooms with ClickShare screens available for presenting/sharing.

Main Branch: Mutebox Collab
These two (2) collaborative suites are designed for a group of up to four (4) people each to share with an adjustable table and either active or bench seating. Insulated walls help dampen noise transfer; power outlets are available. 

Main Branch: Mutebox Solo
This single person space is designed to help create a quiet space to work for one (1) individual. There is an adjustable table and stool, as well as power outlet available.